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Got Problems With Posture & Ergonomics? Blakehurst Chiropractic Can Help

When it comes to poor posture and poor ergonomics, Blakehurst/Hurstville and Bexley Chiropractors would probably agree that these two factors are among the main reasons why people come to see us. They are also one of the main reasons why people take time off work, costing companies billions of dollars each year.

Injuries such as:

• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Tendinitis
• Rotator cuff
• Lower back and lumbar problems
• Neck and shoulder pains

are all commonplace, but although often very painful, the good news is that by applying simple techniques related to ergonomics and posture, Blakehurst, Hurstville and Bexley residents can improve their well-being and prevent injury.

When sitting, for instance, posture can be improved by

• Sitting right back in the chair
• Tilting seat forward slightly
• Adjusting the seat so that hips are positioned slightly higher than the knee
• Ensuring feet can sit flat on the floor
• Moving the chair closer to the desk to avoid stretching

So how can a chiropractor help?

Managing the injury itself – At Blakehurst Chiropractic we utilise several modalities to help you facilitate a speedy recovery. These include gentle remedial massage, dry needling, and exercise rehabilitation.

Prevention – Exercises can also be used to strengthen and tone muscles thus limiting or preventing problematic posture-related shoulder, neck, and back injuries.

Education – Our team are highly skilled in all aspects of the musculoskeletal anatomy including posture and we believe that many injuries could be prevented by having better knowledge of correct posture alignment. For this reason, we always strive to educate our patients as part of their rehabilitation process.


To find out more about how we can assist you with posture and ergonomics, or posture/ergonomic-related injuries, then schedule an appointment with our friendly team at Blakehurst Chiropractic. We are looking forward to helping you to feel both better and stronger.