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Personal Training In Sandringham – Work With Us At Blakehurst Chiropractic

When considering personal training in Sandringham or any other suburb you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d contact your local gym, or alternatively, click through the local ads for a fitness instructor. What you may not consider, however, is contacting your resident chiropractor.

The fact is that coming from a wellness background, the extensive knowledge of our professional Blakehurst Chiropractors allows them to perform the techniques that personal trainers do, even more. Therefore, as well as incorporating modifications to your exercise program to maximise fitness benefit without causing further injury, we work safely with clients returning to exercise after surgery. For these reasons listed here, anyone seeking personal training in Bexley/Sandringham or Blakehurst incorporating chiropractic care is ultimately getting the best of both worlds.

So what can we do for you?

Here at Blakehurst Chiropractic, we know that physical fitness can help you avoid many of the aches and pains that many people suffer from. So, through a tailored programme of exercises our personal training in Blakehurst can help you to:

• Improve heart and lung (cardio) capacity in order to decrease the chances of chronic illness and improve fitness
• Strengthen/condition joints and limbs, thus preventing aches and pains and
• Feel and look great!

Under the guidance of our experienced chiropractors and personal trainers, a personalised plan will be developed to give you the very best fitness-based chiropractic care designed for your specific needs, requirements, and goals. More importantly, they will ensure that when you do exercise, it is done with the correct posture. Remember, improper posture and/or poor form are two of the biggest causes of sporting injuries as people are trying to push themselves harder without having the knowledge to do so safely. Our friendly team will guide you throughout your exercise plan to ensure that you feel fitter and healthier but do so without the likelihood of causing injury to yourself.

Sports Rehabilitation

We are proud to work with many of the Muay Thai fighting clubs in the area, by providing strengthening and conditioning training as part of our personal training repertoire. Sandringham, Bexley, and Blakehurst residents may also note that we provide a wide range of rehabilitative and post-recovery exercises designed to help people prevent muscle injury after participating. From runners and weightlifters to fighters, let us be part of your regime of personal training in Bexley, Blakehurst and Sandringham as well as other suburbs.

If you would like to find out more about how our personal training in Blakehurst can benefit you then contact the team on (02) 9158 6210 today.