The Orthotic Group (TOG) Gait Scan –
Best Gait Scan Analysis In Blakehurst

If you have developed joint problems but aren’t sure where the source of the pain is coming from, then don’t be surprised if we suggest that you have a gait scan analysis. In Blakehurst, our state-of-the-art TOG Gait Scanning device can record and analyse the distribution of the pressure of your foot as you travel across a pressure plate. Over one million pieces of data are collected using thousands of tiny sensors which are triggered as you walk across the plate. Results of the data can be used to track even the smallest of dysfunction with regards to the biomechanics of your walk.

So how will a TOG Gait Scan help you?

If poorly managed, the problematic way that you walk can cause issues in other areas. This can lead to knee, hip, and spinal-related issues. For this reason, a gait scan analysis is a great tool for spotting problems early on. By providing an extensive amount of information which just isn’t visible to the naked eye, results can be analysed and any issues found can be dealt with early before they escalate into more painful and more expensive corrective therapies.

How do we manage any problems found?

At Blakehurst Chiropractic, we are all about addressing the root cause of a problem. So, while you may be feeling joint pain in say your knee or your hip, we may ascertain that the problem is stemming from the way that you walk or stand. So with this in mind, we would prescribe custom-made orthotics that you wear discreetly inside your shoe. These correct the biomechanics of your walk allowing you to walk evenly. This in turn, affects your posture and take any excess pressure off your joints.

If you would like to find out more about our state-of-the-art TOG Gait Scan Analysis in Blakehurst or would like to book in for a gait test, contact our experienced team on (02) 9546 6033 today.