Customised Orthotics – Everything You Need To Know

For those who don’t know, customised orthotics are designed to be worn inside of the shoe to help regain proper alignment. But what has a chiropractor got to do with feet? Quite simply – joints.

Our feet are the foundations that support the rest of our body. Therefore, if the feet aren’t right, or rather, aren’t providing the right support structure, then it can affect many other joints above including the spine, knees, and hips. As we are holistic chiropractors in Blakehurst it makes sense that we would also be prescribing orthotics.

If worn correctly, the right orthotics can help with a wide number of problems including:

• Hip pain
• Achilles tendon issues
• Thoracic spine problems and of course…
• Flat feet

So what exactly are customised orthotics?

Orthotics are state-of-the-art insoles made from a combination of rubber and other materials including synthetic suede. Each orthotic is fully customised to provide full support where needed. This enables the wearer to adopt the right posture and immediately alleviate any excess wear and tear on supporting joints.


How do they work?

They work by correcting the little bones in the feet allowing them to function normally which also allows the surrounding muscles to function normally. We provide fully customised orthotics in Blakehurst in order to help with postural imbalance and/or joint pain of the feet.

Who should wear orthotics?

Continually walking on such hard surfaces doesn’t allow the foot to flex. As a result, a muscle imbalance will often occur. To check, take a look at the heel of your shoes. If they are not worn down evenly, then it’s likely that your body has an imbalance. As such, you could probably benefit from wearing orthotics. In Blakehurst, our team can test for gait using a state-of-the-art piece of equipment known as a Gait Scan to tell if you have an abnormal gait affecting your posture.

To find out more about how our customised orthotics can help you, or if you feel you might need a Gait Scan, contact us for an appointment . We look forward to assisting you.