We Are More Than A Chiropractor In Sans Souci

If you are looking for a chiropractor near Sans Souci that does more than just relieve your pain, then welcome to Blakehurst Chiropractic. We adopt a holistic approach which not only gets you out of pain but by promoting exercise to improve your health and fitness levels, also helps prevent recurrence and chronic illnesses.


Sans Souci chiropractic care is mainly used as an alternative to medication and/or surgery for muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. By using gentle hands-on adjustment, we can:

• Correct your posture
• Align your spine
• Improve stiffness to gain flexibility and mobility, 

to take away your pain and allow your body to heal itself.

What conditions can we take care of?

Besides muscle and joint pain in the back, neck, and shoulders we also manage other conditions such as elbow and knee pain, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, headaches, migraines and more. We also provide therapy massage, orthotics, acupuncture, gait scan, and personal training. We also help local Muay Thai fighting clubs with strengthening and conditioning prior to competitions as well as any injuries they may sustain.

We are here to improve your mobility, make exercising fun, and keep chronic illnesses at bay. If you are suffering from a chronic musculoskeletal disorder or have aches and pains that are getting you down, then why not pay us a visit? Choose us as your chiropractor near Sans Souci that cares about your overall health and wellbeing. Call Blakehurst Chiropractic today on (02) 9546 6033 and start living life.