Chiropractor In Oatley – Pain Relief And A Whole Lot More!

As a family-focused chiropractor near Oatley, we don’t just help clients with pain management. Instead, we take a close, in-depth look at the cause of your pain and do all we can to eliminate it and prevent it from recurring. We also offer advice relating to lifestyle, posture, and exercise which are key contributors to muscle and joint pain.


So what do chiropractors do?

Oatley chiropractic care is a form of complementary or alternative medicine which doesn’t involve painkilling drugs or surgery. Instead, it adopts a natural approach which, when combined with exercise and certain lifestyle changes, can make an amazing change to a patient’s quality of life, enabling you to be more mobile.

Chiropractic care involves the diagnosis of a person’s condition followed by gentle manipulation to ease joints both in the spinal area and other parts of the body, which are thought to cause many conditions by affecting the nerves and muscles. As well as gentle and specific joint manipulation we also employ a variety of other related techniques to help us return a person to fitness. These can include:

• Chiropractic
• Orthotics
• Dry Needling
• Personal Training
• Remedial Massage

What can chiropractors address?

The goal of a chiropractor isn’t necessarily to solve a specific disease or symptom. It is to improve the neurological and structural function which then gives the body a chance to heal itself. Often, as the health of the nervous system and bodily structure improves the symptoms are resolved.

Typically, patients visit a chiropractor if they are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders but we can also alleviate pain in ankles and knees, feet, TMJ, elbows, sciatica, migraines, and other symptoms too. If you are tired of taking painkillers each day for niggling pains which just won’t go away, the alternative could be a visit to a chiropractor near Oatley.

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