Blakehurst Chiropractic
Your Premier Holistic Chiropractor In NSW

Providing health, exercise and nutrition based chiropractic care to people of all ages


Blakehurst Chiropractic
Your Premier Holistic Chiropractor In NSW

Providing health, exercise and nutrition based chiropractic care to people of all ages


Working in the field of complementary or alternative medicine our Blakehurst Chiropractic team strives to alleviate your pain. So if you suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders or those annoying aches that just won’t go away, then our chiropractor near Hurstville and the surrounding area using hands-on chiropractic adjustments, in combination with exercise and nutrition plan we can help with:

Nervous system function

Improvement of health through exercise promotion

Postural Restoration

Spinal Alignment

So what exactly is chiropractic care?

If you’ve ever seen an advert for a chiropractor in Kogarah or a chiropractor in Sans Souci, you might wonder what it is they do. Chiropractic care is seen as an alternative therapeutic approach to surgery and/or taking pain-killing drugs. It involves the gentle adjustment of the joints of the body, particularly the spine.

A spine that is not aligned and functioning properly will cause:

• Physical and emotional stress
• Bad posture
• Muscular tension and tightness

So if you are seeking a chiropractor in Ramsgate or a chiropractor in Sandringham, don’t just assume they only help people with bad backs. Here at Blakehurst Chiropractic, we assist patients with a wide range of issues including cervicogenic headaches, myofascial pain, orthotic problems and sciatica, as well as spinal problems such as herniated discs, degenerative discs, spondylolysis or spinal osteoarthritis.

So why go ‘alternative’ for your health care?

We know from years of experience that the right chiropractic activity may benefit your overall health. Many doctors now refer patients to a chiropractor in Oatley/Bexley and Blakehurst whenever they seek for a natural, free of medications, way to alleviate their symptoms.

Here at Blakehurst Chiropractic, the professional and friendly team have the knowledge and the skill to find the root cause of the patient’s health issues and spends a great degree of time doing that. Once identified, we will develop a personalised therapeutic plan to get you back on the right track. The team will develop a plan unique to you, taking into account your biomechanics and lifestyle, to encourage the body’s healing abilities and promote a positive mindset for recovery.

Blakehurst Chiropractic – Massaging your concerns away!

Because chiropractors are highly skilled in manual adjustment, it makes total sense that alleviating tense and tired muscles through remedial massage is a closely related care management. As such, our highly-skilled practitioners also offer a range of deep tissue sports massages as well as relaxation massages for all our clients.

While our deep tissue sports massages are perfect for easing tense or tight muscles and rejuvenating tired limbs, our relaxation massages are designed simply to help you unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making you feel both refreshed and rejuvenated. So, while you might not think that a Blakehurst, Penshurst or Bexley chiropractor is the first person you’d contact for a sports or relaxation massage, the truth is that you will be amazed by our expertise.

Why not call us on (02) 9546 6033 to let us show you how we can help.


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In Need Non-Invasive Carpal Tunnel Treatment?

Manual therapy is very beneficial for addressing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, and is a cornerstone of the carpal tunnel treatment we offer at Blakehurst Chiropractic. Around 3% of the adult population suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, in varying degrees....

Oatley chiropractic care through personal fitness

Is your sedentary lifestyle becoming a problem?

Lack of exercise and poor diet have been shown to increase cardiovascular problems and other chronic illnesses. What’s more, excess weight can also exacerbate other musculoskeletal problems. With this in mind, our team of on-site health and fitness professionals are here to help.

At Blakehurst Chiropractic we will team you up with your very own personal trainer who can help you to:

• Get moving and out of that sedentary lifestyle
• Maintain peak fitness in order to prevent further muscle strain
• Increase your cardiovascular stamina to improve fitness levels; and
• Feel and look great

In fact, over the years we’ve become the ‘go to’ chiropractor in Monterey, Bexley, Sandringham, Oatley, and Blakehurst for many of the local Muay Thai fighting clubs by assisting them with strengthening and toning prior to competitions. This is in addition to caring for any injuries sustained during bouts of intense competition or training.

We even have a state-of-the-art force sensor which accurately measures the force imparted, computes that force, and records the number of punches in any given time duration. So if you’re a Muay Thai fighter, or a local Muay Thai fighting club seeking the best possible before and aftercare for your team, then get the edge on your competition and give our local chiropractor in Kogarah/Hurstville/Blakehurst a call.

Chiropractor in Hurstville/Blakehurst - Holistic care for all our patients

As you can see, when you need a Hurstville, Blakehurst, or Penshurst chiropractor we offer a combination of therapeutic techniques across several disciplines which together or singularly can be used to help you. So, whether you have chronic back or neck pain, aching muscles, or simply want to be in the best possible shape, then the team at Blakehurst Chiropractic will pull out all the stops to help you to:

• Get fit
• Stay out of pain and
• Prevent chronic illness.

Your Chiropractor in Kogarah – Getting to the base (foot) of the problem!
Let’s face it, our feet are the foundations on which our bodies depend. When they don’t function right it can cause problems to surrounding joints namely the knees, hips, and lower back. To resolve this, tailor-made orthotics are lightweight insoles that are worn inside the shoe to help correct the structure of the feet and alleviate joint problems.

How do you know if you have feet problems?

Aside from possible joint pain which may or may not be associated, our Blakehurst/Bexley chiropractors have at their disposal an innovative piece of equipment known as the TOG Gait Scanner.

So what exactly is it?

In essence, the TOG Gait Scanner is a diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows a chiropractor in Kogarah and indeed anywhere else to analyse, calculate, and measure a person’s manner of walking. Using the gait scan analysis, our practitioners can quickly identify a variety of gait problems. As such, we can then prescribe a range of orthotic solutions that can help.

If you want to find out more about our innovative TOG Gait scanner or would like to see us about a lower joint problem, then call our friendly team on (02) 9546 6033 today! You can read more about this innovative piece of equipment here.

Dry Needling – Needling deep muscles to alleviate pain.

Another technique a chiropractor in Penshurst or a chiropractor in Bexley may use is dry needling. Many people assume that dry needling is simply another name for acupuncture, but this isn’t true.

Although there are some similarities, dry needling is used primarily to address muscle injuries and issues, whereas, acupuncture is rooted in Chinese medicine and is used to stimulate the better flow of healing energy known as Qi. As a result, acupuncture is used to manage a wide range of internal problems, including anxiety, high blood pressure, and digestive issues.

Alternatively, dry needling is based more around the gentle adjustment of knotted muscle fibres and trigger points to alleviate muscle-based problems. In addition, with dry needling, the fine needles are inserted into the body and removed after a short space of time, whereas the needles used in acupuncture techniques are generally left in place for a much longer time frame.

Our chiropractors use dry needling to help release or adjust taut bands of skeletal muscle to improve a wide range of motion and/or relieve pain. When used effectively and in conjunction with our other chiropractic modalities, dry needling can help to speed up a patient’s full rehabilitation.

Learn more about how this process can help you by visiting our website page on dry needling

Blakehurst Chiropractic – Going above and beyond!

As you can see, at Blakehurst Chiropractic, we do a whole lot more than cure your back pain. Sure we have a variety of techniques and services we can call upon to get you out of pain, but in addition, we also assist with:

• Posture and ergonomics
• Exercise rehabilitation
• Customised orthotics
• Therapeutic adjustable pillows
• Massage therapy for pain relief and relaxation, and
• Personal training and fitness, including health supplementation.

So if you have a niggling problem and want to alleviate aches or pains, stay fit and accomplish health goals, then why not give us a call today. Contact us on (02) 9546 6033, our friendly and experienced team are standing by to assist. In case of emergency you can also call on (04) 2157 9049.